Contact Lenses

Contact Lens ApplicationWe fit a wide range of top quality contact lenses from all the major suppliers such as Johnson & Johnson, Cibavision and Bausch & Lomb, in addition to specialist suppliers for more complex lenses. This enables us to achieve a higher success rate than practices that restrict their lens choice to optimize profitability.

Daily Disposable Lenses: The ultimate in comfort, ocular health and convenience. A brand new, sterile, deposit free pair, are used each day maintaining a high level of oxygen permeability and cleanliness. Various lenses are available to sort different prescriptions and the oxygen requirements of each individual wearer. No disinfecting solutions are required.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Frequent replacement lenses: Disinfected with solutions, usually overnight. Disposed of on a two weekly or monthly basis, to avoid build up of lens deposits. Various lenses are available to sort different prescription and oxygen requirements of the individual.

Overnight Wear Lenses: Slept in for up to a month. The most convenient lenses available. Careful trials are taken to ensure suitability of the prospective wearer for continued ocular health.

Annual Replacement Lenses: Specialised contact lenses for irregular corneal shapes and complex prescriptions. We supply a range of lenses worn on a daily basis, disinfected overnight and replaced annually.

Gas Permeable Lenses: For contact lens wearers who find soft lenses unsuitable, we supply individually manufactured GP lenses. These are also disinfected overnight and replaced on an annual basis.